Tour the Genuine Filmsets of the THRILLER MOVIES
Terror Tower

Risk Assessment

Vehicle Traffic

At the end of this attraction customers exit out onto the pavement, care should be taken not to proceed onto the road.

Weather Protection / Sun Safety

This attraction is indoors

Water Hazards

There is one part of the show where dripping water is used as an effect; extra care should be taken in this area

Slips/ Trips / Falls

The following hazards should be noted:

Trips caused by looking at the scenes / display and not the floor
Wet Flooring
Steps & Stairs
Uneven floor surfaces

High Level Areas


Strobe lighting

Strobe lighting effects may be used throughout

Reduced Lighting

Care should be taken due to reduced lighting throughout this attraction

Enclosed spaces

There are enclosed spaces throughout. However, there are no areas that can be defined as confined spaces

Attraction specific Risk

Tampering with any electrical equipment is strictly prohibited . Due to the content of the scenes, care must be taken to asses the suitability of young children for exposure to this attraction.

Door entrapment

Beware of closing doors on fingers etc

Live actor

During peak times a live actor will be present in this attraction. The live actor will surprise customers throughout the show. Care should be taken not to run when the live actor is present. Any customer too scared by the actor should make the actor aware of this and they will be escorted to the next scene.