There are dark and frightening scenes on this tour. The tour is unsuitable for nervous people, people with heart or muscular skeletal problems and pregnant women.

Strobe effects, smoke machines, stairs and non-standard floors are used within the attraction. Due to the nature of the attraction sadly we cannot accommodate people with mobility issues or wheelchair users.

Age: Terror Tower is not recommended for anyone aged 5 years old or under. Children 10 years old or younger must be accompanied by an adult. The majority of children enjoy the attraction however It is the guardians discretion as to whether they think Terror Tower is suitable for their child, the attraction is intended to scare throughout. Our friendly staff are always there to give advice but as a general rule if your child is scared before they enter, they are probably not going to enjoy the experience.

We reserve the right to withhold entry to anyone found to be intoxicated or being abusive towards our staff, actors and other customers in the attraction.

You may experience live actors in the show, they will shock and surprise you throughout. We operate a strict no touching rule and any abuse towards our actors will not be tolerated.

Keep belongings safe throughout the tour we are not responsible for any damage to personal items.

CCTV is operational throughout the attraction.

Refund policy: Once you have entered the attraction we cannot issue refunds for customers wanting to leave Terror Tower because it’s too scary. If you get scared in the first few rooms and want to leave, we’ve done our job well.