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Terror Tower


Evening News, Summer 1996

There’s only one way to describe Scarborough’s new attraction TERROR TOWER and that’s “TERRORIFIC”

In the past fifteen minutes I’ve been face to face with a gigantic Tyrannosaurus Rex, fallen 30 floors in the haunted lift and been given a spine-tingling suprise in Dracula’s castle by the toothsome character himself.

This Haunted house style attraction was launched after 15-month’s production, bringing scenes from Hollywood’s scariest movies to life in frightening detail.

And its not hard to see why its been tipped one of the town’s best blockbusters this summer. Not considered as faint hearted myself, I decided to test my nerves at Terror Tower as the Headless Man and Liverpudlian Vulture entice me in for a closer look.

Promising an experience not to be screamed at. I checked my pulse and walked through to an entrance hall adorned with cobweb-covered gargoyles, like something out of the Twilight Zone.

As i was ushered in to a dimly lit lift, a ghostly voice warned “if you touch nothing in here, nothing will touch you!” Fine by me i thought!!┬áThen all of a sudden the room shook and i could swear i was plunching down a 30 story shaft to my doom.

The place itself is like Dr, Who’s Tardis, small on the outside, but a maze of tunnels on the inside – how it fits into those two buildings I’ll never know.

The sets are stunningly realistic. One minute i was in a mist filled grave yard, the next i was walking over a drawbridge into a prehistoric jungle and then i found myself aboard a futuristic space craft – all complete with sound effects.

Its hard to believe that last year this was a fish&chip restaurant.

One very unexpected trick up its sleeve is somewhere among the life like models are some real live actors,so keeping your wits about you is essential.

“Better the Disneyland” Keith Harris

“Better than the real thing” Gaby Jackson, BBC Produce of Rhodes around Britain

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